Centenary SChR-3S



On January 24th, 2019, 100 years have passed since the founding of the Romanian Chemical Society by a group of chemists who were meeting at the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory of the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Bucharest. For two decades, the Society has developed a rich and fruitful activity, followed by a long hibernation due to the war, the post-war period or the assumption by the Romanian Academy of specific objectives and tasks of a scientific society. For a long time this Society organized its monthly actions and conferences in a beautiful building of the Faculty of Chemistry, located very close to today’s Parliament.

After 1992, the scientific life of the Romanian Chemical Society was brought back to life, continuing the essential/main/basic objective of its statute, which provided for the promotion of chemistry by all means. Objectives were defined, organizational actions undertaken, international contacts established and developed. Society branches have been formed in most regions of the country.

A permanent objective of the Romanian Chemical Society was to periodically organize scientific conferences / congresses with interesting topics and to give an international feature to the debate on chemical issues. Affiliated with the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) in 1921, the Society soon received the mission to organize the 6th IUPAC Congress in 1925, a mission accomplished with great success, according to the documents of the time.

Since the beginning of its existence, the Romanian Chemical Society has published and is currently publishing a journal entitled Bulletin of the Chemical Society, founded in 1919, to publish the results in the field of chemistry which later became a journal that presents the scientific life, the actions of promoting chemistry and organizing activities. A Romanian scientific journal called the Bulletin of Pure and Applied Chemistry, with the title virtually identical to that of the official scientific journal of IUPAC, published with a remarkable regularity original scientific results in international languages.

Following the model of the great international centralizing journals, it is also worth mentioning the initiative of the Society to notify all the original papers published in our country, accompanied by the exact quote of the original paper, in the Romanian Chemical Bibliography.

In this context, the Separation Science Section (3S) of the Romanian Chemical Society (SChR) organizes the “Centenary SChR-3S” Symposium, to which you are WELCOME.